Wireless Keyless Access

Security and Convenience are Both Easy with Keyless Access

Security and convenience are usually delicately balanced. If something is secure it isn’t convenient and vice versa. It’s convenient to leave your keys in the ignition, but it isn’t secure. Wireless Keyless access products offer both aspects in an attractive package.

KEYLESS – All pushbutton locks use a code instead of a key to unlock the door. Older mechanical pushbutton locks work, but they are limited to one working code at a time.

MULTIPLE USERSThese keyless locks offer the ability to have dozens or hundreds of individual user codes. Each user can be added or deleted without affecting others.

SETTING CODESAdding, deleting or changing user codes is quick and easy. Basic models are programmable at the keypad. You can manage large groups of user codes with software on a laptop or PDA.

Keyless Access Locks

WIRELESSMost stand-alone keyless access units operate on four standard AA batteries, eliminating the need for costly additional wiring and bulky external power supplies to activate the unit.

EASY RETROFIT -Keyless access products are designed to quickly replace existing lock hardware. The existing holes in the door are re-used and lock designs and finishes complement the existing commercial hardware in your facility.

COMPATIBILITY Keyless locks are made for use with most brands of exit devices, mortise locks, knob/lever locks, deadbolts, etc. Most units allow for emergency key override. This feature can be utilized with a restricted (or high security) key or keyed to match your existing master key system.

I/C PREP – The popularity of interchangeable core locking systems (Best – type) fits right in with these locks. Use your existing control keys and cores to maintain system integrity.

GRADE 1 DEPENDABILITY – Heavy-duty commercial locks are rated as Grade 1. Keyless access products in the market today allow you to meet Weatherproof, Grade 1, ADA, and Fire, and Life-Safety requirements. Others are rated Grade 2 for use in standard-duty hardware applications.

With the wide array of Keyless Access products available it is easy to choose the wrong product for your needs. MHBrown & Company can help you find the correct product with the features you need.