Business Security Information

Key Benefits of using the services of a Professional Locksmith

  • We know security. This business is our livelihood. We are continually upgrading our knowledge base through trade seminars and classes.
    Security camera at London (Heathrow) Airport. ...
  • We stock and sell top quality security hardware and the brand names you know and trust.
  • We know which grades and functions of hardware are correct for your needs.
  • Unauthorized key duplication, is one of the biggest threats to all businesses, is often overlooked and often very hard to detect. Key control is usually compromised because of the complete lack of, or very poor, key control. Crimes committed with duplicate keys are very difficult to detect, and very difficult to prove. There are high security key systems available, that can insure that no one obtains a duplicate key without your authorization. 

MHBrown & Company provides the products and services necessary to create a safe and secure workplace for you and your employees. Products such as lever hardware, panic and exit devices, desk locks and high security key control systems. We can help you protect your business and property.

In addition to offering a wide range of products, MHBrown & Company provides such value-added services as rekeying and key duplicating.

Call on  MHBrown & Company, your local security specialist, for all your business and residential security needs. We are equipped to provide the information, products, services and proper installation to ensure peace of mind for your family, business and property.

Safeguard Your Home

With the rising crime rate in the United States, personal security has become a primary concern for many Americans. To combat this fear, many people are increasing the level of home security to protect their families and valuables.

As part of our comprehensive residential security services, MHBrown & Company will assess your current level of home security and recommend ways to improve it. We can then suggest the appropriate security products, such as entry locks, deadbolts, decorative hardware, door viewers, window and patio locks to meet your needs.


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